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Everyone loves to give advice

And today’s your day – I’m looking for some. The M7 is currently set up to interface with the Aviom via direct outs except where a mix is actually required. For example, the kick and snare channels on the Aviom come off the M7 via direct outs, since there’s no mixing that needs to happen to create those Aviom channels. The BGV channel on the Aviom, however, comes off the M7 as an aux send (or a mix send, in Yamaha speak), since a blending of multiple singers is required to create that Aviom channel.

Sounds great and fine, but something we’ve learned is that the direct out comes off the console pre-on (meaning, pre-channel-on). This means we can’t just mute the electric channel when a guitarist plugs in and prevent the pop in the monitor wedges (i.e., we can only prevent the pop in the house). Or when vocalists enter from off stage and pick up their mics, those seated in the front row may get to hear the rumble in the wedges.

According to the M7 book, you can mute the direct out on a channel if you select the channel and use the centralogic screen. That works fine for muting the guitarist when he needs to plug in, but it doesn’t allow you to rapidly mute the direct outs of multiple channels. This creates a lot of work when Curtis and the vocalists are entering/leaving the stage. You have to mute both the direct out and the channel for each channel, and muting the direct outs can’t be tied to a mute group. You can also combine the muted channels and direct outs into a scene, but that’s hindered by the possibility of, say Marissa praying instead of Curtis after one song (i.e., the scene would have Marissa and the other vocalists muted – both channels and direct outs – and leave Curtis live, but in this case, you’d need Curtis muted and Marissa live). What we really need is a way to mute the Aviom sends post-on (aka post-mute) so that when you mute a channel in the house, you’re also muting its send to the Avioms.

According to the manual, the M7 lets you create aux sends (mix sends) post-on. It’s not clear on how you do it, and it doesn’t mention whether these mixes can be pre-fade, which is what we really want for monitor sends. But assuming we can, I’m thinking we should replace the direct outs for the acoustic, CM’s vocal, and the lead female vocal with mix sends. Assuming stage performers keep their instruments silent, we could leave their direct outs alone (the example of the guitarist plugging in, earlier, can be accommodated by selecting the channel and muting both the channel and the direct out on the centralogic screen).

Does this sound like it would work? Anyone have other ideas? If only we had unlimited money and every performer wore in-ears!



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