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February 27, 2009 at 10:26 am 1 comment

I’m not going to go into some exposition on art and beauty.  But there are some concepts that are fairly standard across humankind.  I’ve already talked a bit about the use of color.  But there’s more to our lights than color.  I want to talk briefly about symmetry and focus.  

Generally speaking, we find “beauty” in symmetry.  That being said, we also find asymmetrical things particularly interesting.  As we program our moving lights, it will be tempting to always program them in pairs.  Let me encourage you to find the times when interesting is needed and “beauty” simply gets redefined… by you!  For example, putting two different colors on a light pair.  Or, perhaps, shooting a light pair on the back curtain in asymmetrical patterns, focus points and colors.  Symmetrical lighting is particularly important to video if we’re trying to get a “good” IMAG.  However, even with regards to lighting for video, if we’re going for artistic, asymmetry makes things interesting.  Don’t be afraid to try something asymmetrical!

aflobet5Focus is also an area with a temptation to stay “safe.”  Just as in Chris pointed out here with regards to video, focus can be a awesome tool towards artistic impressions.  Initially, you may be tempted to use hard edges on the spots, particularly with gobos.  Soft edges can completely change a gobos effects, particularly when combined with other effects.  For example, the Aflobet gobo (right) is a colored gobo of a blue and white spiral.  If you put on a very soft edge, throw on the prism and some slow rotations, you can get a pretty neat cloud effect, especially on a white background (Monique from CPM showed me this one).  So, it’s all about playing around with focus… soft focus can add a tremendous amount of flexibility to your tool set.  Don’t be afraid to play with it!



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  • 1. TC  |  March 2, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Thanks, Oz. The blogging has been helping after the first day of training.


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